Health Insurance Exchange Deadline Extended

Many of the States remained paralyzed as they waited for the election decision before moving forward with any part of the Healthcare Exchange. This is the online marketplace where many Americans can obtain private insurance coverage and in some cases, subsidized by the federal government. The deadline for states to submit plans for the healthcare exchages was November 16th. Now that the election is over and it is clear we are moving forward with reform, the date has hit quite quickly. The Obama administration gave word that the states now have until December 14th and in some cases until February  15th.  This does not change the deadline for the “go live” date for the Healthcare Exchanges . In October 2013, Americans will be able to shop for health plan coverage for an effective date of January 2014.

My view on health care reform is constant. The Affordable Care Act will be everchanging and we will continue to see an evolution of reform. W-2 reporting was extended in 2011 and the Form 1099 reporting was found burdensome and therefore repealed. We now have an extension on state participation because states were missing important regulations and guidance that will now be released.

The goal of the Health Insurance Exchange also has remained constant whereas tough competition among insurers offering health plans in the exchanges will drive down premiums. Time will tell.

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